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Elcometer 154 Plastic Wet Film Combs - 50-800µ (Pack of 25)

Manufacturer: Elcometer
SKU: ELC-B154----1
R115,00 excl VAT
The Elcometer 154 Wet Film Combs are made from ABS plastic and are designed to be used once and kept as a record of wet film thickness measurement for quality assurance or customer requirements. Metric values on the wet film comb, 50 to 800µm. Supplied in a batch containing 25 wet film combs. Each comb has 16 measurement steps
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Wet Film Comb Technique

Wet film combs have teeth of various lengths on their sides. The comb is dipped into the wet film and then removed. The wet film thickness lies between biggest value wet tooth and smallest value dry tooth values.

If the volume to solids ratio of the coating is known, then the wet film thickness can be used to predict the dry film measurement. As a rule of thumb dry film thickness will be 50% of wet film thickness. Elcometer offers a wide selection of wet film cobs to suit various applications.

Technical Specifications

Part Number



Elcometer 154 Plastic Wet Film Combs (Pack of 25)


Nominal Values


40 x 40mm



Packing List

  • Elcometer 154 Wet Film Combs (Batch of 25)
  • Operating Instructions
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