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Fibrescope Internal Inspection Tool - 450mm

SKU: FS-10-6-450
R4 500,00 excl VAT
Based on innovative new fiberoptic technology, the flexible cable of the Fiberscope fits into holes as small as 6 mm diameter – allowing you to look inside machinery, behind walls, down into drains, or hundreds of other places without costly demolition or disassembly. Get the inside picture without taking it all apart! • This remarkable range of Fiberscopes gives you the inside edge on diagnosing hundreds of maintenance and repair problems. • The revolutionary flexible shaft adjusts into almost any position. The comfort grip handle allows one hand operation with all the View controls at your finger tips. • An integrated focus ring ensures smooth continuous operation while focusing. A high powered lens clearly focuses on objects as close as 19mm while a powerful halogen lamp illuminates dark areas with the simple push of a button. • The high impact ABS housing is ready for field use while the sealed lens and shaft may be immersed in liquids without worry.
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  • Cable will reach deep into complex machinery, piping, walls, vents and drains etc
  • Powerful halogen lamp illuminates dark locations for clear viewing
  • High resolution lens provides a clear image of objects at various distances providing a wide 40 degree field of view.
  • Obedient cable maintains its fixed position until readjusted
  • Flexible, omni-directional cable bends in every direction to allow precise viewing
  • Pressure activated light switch is conveniently located but cannot be accidentally left on
  • Integrated focus ring for smooth, continuous focusing
  • Ergonomically designed, non-slip handle fits comfortably in one hand
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