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SADT HT225A Poratble Concrete Test Hammer

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The HT 225A Portable Concrete Test Hammer (HT225A) is designed specifically for the non-destructive testing of concrete structures. This method has considerable advantages over conventional methods of assessing the compressive strength of concrete in that large areas can be tested in a very short time at a very low cost. In addition, it is possible to determine the variation in concrete quality between different sections of a structure. The above standards refer to assessment of the rebound hardness of mortar which is directly related to the compressive strengths of the material being tested.
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Testing Principle

The device is loaded by gently pressing the tip of the impact plunger against a solid surface, it then slides out of the housing until it is fully extended. The plunger is then pressed against the surface to be tested which fires a percussion weight against the rear of the plunger and rebounds.

The rebound is dependent upon the hardness of the surface under test, the harder the surface the higher the rebound and vice versa. The maximum height of rebound is recorded on a scale which represents the rebound as a percentage of the forward movement of the percussion weight. The rebound number obtained with the HT 225A can be converted to a compressive strength value via conversion tables contained in the user manual. The conversion varies with the angle of test therefore values must be corrected for those other than the standard horizontal direction. The various angular corrections are also shown in a table in the user manual.

Technical Specifications

Part Number


HT 225A

HT225A Portable Concrete Test Hammer

Measuring range



± 1R

Normal Kinetic Energy

2.207J (0.225kgf.m)

Flip tension spring rigidity

7.84N (0.80kgf)/cm

Punch advance for impact hammer


Impact surface hardness value between impact hammer and rod


Maximum breakout friction of pointer system

0.49 – 0.78N (50-80g)

Mean value of steel-anvil rating of concrete test hammer






Packing List

HT225A Concrete Test Hammer

Carborundum Stone

Conversion Tables

Protective Wooden Box

Operating Instructions

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