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Zircon MT6 Metal Locator

R4 200,00 excl VAT
The MT6 metal locator finds both ferrous and nonferrous metal, and indicates depth up to 152mm deep in concrete &pPlaster. Also used to detect firearms at check points. Other common applications for MT6: · Metal in concrete before coring · Metal studs · Conduit · Copper piping · Electrical lines · Rebar · Telephone lines · Cable lines · Metal electrical boxes · Inner wall exhaust vents · Inner wall ducting · Security searches · Medical metal detection · Nails & studs in plaster & dry walls · Scan for nails in used lumber · Scan trees before milling · Differentiate between wood and metal studs · Survey markers · Trace metallic sprinkler pipes · Locate metal on archaeological digs · Termite traps and sprinkler boxes (tagged with metal) · Trace underground wiring · Tension cables before drilling/cutting · Metal radiant heating pipes and cables · Metal plumbing pipes in concrete/dirt
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The Advantages of the MT6 

  • Helps map out the grid of metal through any non-metallic construction material, including concrete, tiles, and marble before drilling or coring
  • Automatically indicates metal type – magnetic (such as rebar) or non-magnetic (such as copper pipe)
  • Shows the depth of metal from the surface in both inches and centimetres
  • Has on-screen graphics that are easy-to-read and interpret
  • Screen displays proximity, type of metal, and depth of metal
  • Made to withstand daily job site use
  • Simple 2 button operation

Key Features

  • Locates metal up to 152mm deep
  • Finds all types of metal
  • Identifies magnetic vs non-magnetic
  • Indicates depth of metal found
  • Large LCD screen
  • Robust for job site use


Find rebar, metal pipes, conduit, and plumbing before:

  • Drilling into slabs for anchor bolts
  • Coring through floors for wire bundles
  • Cutting openings in concrete walls
  • Drilling to add rebar to slab joints
  • Estimating a demolition job
  • Find nails in used lumber before sawing, planning, or sanding
  • Used by Security firms to detect Firearms
SensitivityThe centre of (#4) 13mm rebar or 13mm copper pipe at a minimum grid spacing of 152mm
DepthTypical depth in concrete of up to 152mm can be determined within 26mm
NoteThe magnetic properties of the concrete will affect the max. achievable scanning depth
Operating temperature7° to 49°, maximum sensitivity 15° to 27° C
Storage temperature-7° to 66°C
Humidity80% RH (non-condensing)
Water resistanceSplash and water resistant, but not waterproof
Shock resistanceShock resistant from a 1.8 m drop onto concrete
Dimensions251 mm x 109 mm x 63 mm
Weight286 g without battery
Battery type9-V alkaline
Battery life1 year with normal use – low battery indicator appears on LCD when < 5 hours of use remaining
Off featureThe MT6 automatically turns off after 5 minutes
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