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AZ Instrument Corp. designs, develops and manufactures instruments and wearable devices to measure, monitor and record temperature, humidity, heat index, air flow, air pressure, air quality, water quality, sound level, rotation speed and high-speed imaging.

Founded in 1991 and headquartered in Taiwan, we are ISO 9001 certified OEDM partnering leading environmental measuring brands with products selling in the U.S.A, Europe to Japan in Asia. Quality and service excellence are hallmark of our products. We have been investing in Research & Development, engineering machinery, production facilities, supply chain capabilities and human resources to better service and meeting our global partners’ expectations.

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8706 Digital Hygro Thermometer

This Digital Psychrometer provides simultaneous relative humidity and air temperature readings, as well as automatically calculating wet bulb and dew point temperatures without needing to consult charts.
R1 700,00 excl VAT
excluding shipping

8811 Waterproof K-Type Thermometer IP65

The 8811 Thermometer with K type Temperature Probe can measure temperatures ranging from -200 to 1,300°C via the K type thermocouple temperature sensor. The 8811 K Type Temperature Meter is designed to IP65, the protective sensor rubber cap prevents water permeating into the meter. It is the ideal tool for temperature monitoring and controlling for Labs, Biochemistry, HVAC/R, Construction, and other Industry applications.
R2 000,00 excl VAT
excluding shipping

8889 Digital Mini Gun Infra Red Thermometer

The 8889 Digital Mini Gun Infrared Thermometer, is compact in size and allows you to get into tight places while its convenient laser targeting and high distance to spot ratio (D:S) gives you accurate readings on distant targets.
R2 100,00 excl VAT
excluding shipping

8910 Anemometer

The 8910 wind speed meter can measure the Wind Speed, Windchill, Temp., Humidity, Dew point temperature, Barometric Press, Heat Index and Altitude. This new portable weather station with unique storm warning feature comes with a Calibration Certificate and Certificate of Conformance.
R4 300,00 excl VAT
excluding shipping